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Special Needs & Independent Adoptions

A special needs adoption is the adoption of a child or sibling group through the State of Oregon Department of Human Services. These children range in age from 1 year old to teens. There are children with high needs, physically, emotionally and mentally, as well as children with few or no needs. These children are in the Foster Care system and ready for adoption.

Catholic Charities provides the adoptive family with the following services in a Special Needs Adoption:
  • Home Study
  • Help assessing OARE website
  • Presentation at adoption committee
  • 30-day post-placement visits for at least 6 months

The Department of Human Services or Boys and Girls Aid and Christian Family Adoptions all provide the necessary orientation and training required to complete a Special Needs Adoption.

For more information about a Special Needs Adoption contact: 503-238-5196.

Independent Adoption Home Studies

In addition to the agency placements we also perform home studies for independent adoptions. We will complete a home study for adoptive families living in the State of Oregon. Independent placements may include:
  • Adoptions through an attorney
  • Relative adoptions
  • Adoptions through an out of State agency
  • Home study certificate of approvals

Catholic Charities will also provide the post placement services, if requested, for any independent adoption home study we conduct. Catholic Charities can also approve out of state home studies for an Oregon adoption.

For more information contact: 503-238-5196.

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