Post-Adoption Services

Note: This information applies only to those who have received adoption services through Catholic Charities in Oregon.

Catholic Charities Pregnancy Support & Open Adoption Services is the oldest continuous program at Catholic Charities. This program has maintained adoption records dating back to 1902. We are committed to providing support to all members of the adoption triad (adoptees, birth parents, and adoptive parents) who have worked with us in the past.

Services available to those who were involved in past adoptions through Catholic Charities (Catholic Family Services, Catholic Services, Catholic Community Services) include Non-Identifying Information, Voluntary Adoption Registry, and Reunion Facilitation. Free Counseling, by licensed clinical social workers and/or counselors, is offered to any member of the adoption triad.

Adoptees, birth mothers, birth fathers, and adoptive parents are eligible under the law to request Non-Identifying Information regarding their adoption. Non-Identifying Information includes: physical description, occupation, general area of residence, medical, social and genetic history, age, personality traits, etc. Non-Identifying Information excludes: names (first and last), birth dates, Social Security Numbers, etc.

The law also provides for a Voluntary Adoption Registry (VAR) to be maintained by each private agency. Catholic Charities has a VAR which adoptees, birth mothers, and eligible birth fathers can be enrolled in. It is a completely voluntary passive registry and both parties must complete an affidavit prior to matching members of a biological family.

Once a match occurs, Catholic Charities will contact both people and, if requested, will assist in sharing identifying information and helping them meet for the first time.

Catholic Charities also maintains the Baptismal Records from Our Lady of Providence Nursery. If you are in need of your Baptismal Certificate, please complete the form and mail it to our offices. It usually takes 3 - 4 weeks to receive your sealed certificate.

Voluntary Adoption Registry

In 1984, per House Bill #2598, Catholic Charities developed a Voluntary Adoption Registry for past adoption clients (birth mothers, adoptees, and other eligible parties). The registry is for adoptees 18 years of age and over (Rev. HB #3016), who are interested in obtaining identifying information. The law names those who are eligible to register: an adult adoptee, birthparents, (birthfathers, if they signed a release for the adoption or filed filiation proceedings), putative father, (as of 6/1997), an adult genetic sibling, parent, aunt or uncle (if birthparent is deceased), an adoptive parent of a deceased adoptee. In the past, laws regarding confidentiality in adoption did not permit this service.

Once two eligible parties have completed a Voluntary Adoption Registry Affidavit, Catholic Charities will release identifying information to both registered members for the purpose of an adoption reunion.

For non-identifying information and reunion assistance, contact Shawn Cass at

Once a match has occurred, Catholic Charities will contact both parties and assist in sharing identifying information. Catholic Charities recognizes that each reunion is a unique process and that it takes time to develop a strong relationship. We encourage the exchanging of letters, pictures, phone calls, and e-mails prior to a face-to-face meeting. At all times, Catholic Charities offers free counseling to both parties and will assist with the first meeting, if requested.

In the unfortunate event that the birth parent or adoptee is deceased, the law does make allowance for another relative to register. Please contact our office for specific details.

Non-Identifying Information

The law allows for a genetic, social and health history, which excludes identifying information, to be provided from the record by the agency if available. Such information may be requested by the adoptive parents or guardian of an adoptee, the birth parent of the adoptee or the adoptee upon reaching the age of 18 years. This service is not available to putative fathers.

Search Support

Currently Catholic Charities does not offer an active search support system. The State of Oregon, Department of Human Services conducts Assisted Searches for Catholic Charities.

Assisted Search Program
Adoption Services
Services to Children and Families
500 Summer St., NE
Salem, OR 97310-1017


Voluntary Adoption Registry
Non-Identifying Background Information
Both Services, if requested at the same time

Baptismal Certificates

Catholic Charities also maintains the Baptismal Records from Our Lady of Providence Nursery. If you are in need of your Baptismal Certificate, please complete the form and mail it to our offices. It usually takes 3 - 4 week to receive your sealed certificate.

Measure 58

In 2000, Oregon voters passed Measure 58 which allows adult adoptees access to their Pre-Adoption Birth Certificate. To request a copy of your Pre-Adoption Birth Certificate, please contact Vital Statistics.

In conjunction with Measure 58 the legislature also developed a Contact Preference Form (CPF) for birth parents to complete to be attached to the Pre-Adoption Birth certificate. The Contact Preference Form allows birth parents the option of stating that they want contact, they want contact through an intermediary, or no contact.

If a birth parent chooses contact, you can complete a CPF and send a copy to Vital Statistics. If an intermediary is requested, the birth parent can either use Catholic Charities or a close friend.

If a birth parent chooses NO contact, a CPF and Updated Medical Form must be completed, mailed to Catholic Charities and Catholic Charities will fill out an affidavit and file it with the CPF with Vital Statistics.

To contact Vital Statistics or to print the Contact Preference Form or Updated Medical History go to:

Vital Statistics
Phone: 971-673-1190 or 971-673-1180


Measure 623

Measure 623 was signed into law on June 6, 2013 and allows limited access to sealed court adoption records by adopted persons (18 or older) some biological parents and adoptive parents (Triad Members). Catholic Charities Pregnancy Support & Adoption Services believes that it is in the best interest of all triad members to have an open adoption relationship that is child centered. We recognize that past adoption practices did not allow triad members access to identifying information and will strive to assist all interested parties in gaining access to their records, wherever possible. In accordance with current social work practices we will initially direct triad members to the correct county court to request copies of their record. Triad members interested in accessing their court records need to contact the Clerk of the Court in the county their adoption was finalized in.

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