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How Can Catholic Charities Help You

Catholic Charities' Pregnancy Support and Open Adoption Services is committed to providing free counseling and support to ANY pregnant woman who is experiencing an unplanned or unexpected pregnancy. Our mission is to help women choose life for their babies and we support women no matter what they decide, whether they choose to parent their baby or choose to entrust their baby for adoption.

If you are pregnant, we will make arrangements to meet with you wherever is easiest for you. We are also willing to provide services to any other support persons you choose to include, such as the father of the baby, your parents, other family members or friends. You do not have to be Catholic to access our services. When we meet, we will fully explore and discuss with you, your unique situation. We will do whatever we can to assist you immediately and with long term planning. Please be reassured that you will be treated with respect and there will be absolutely no pressure to make one decision or another. It is our belief that you know what is best both for yourself as well as for your baby and it is our goal to support you through this important decision process.

Our program is very unique, as we provide Pregnancy Support. A large majority of the women we serve choose to parent their babies and we help them. We will offer you ongoing counseling and support throughout your pregnancy and for up to four months after your baby is born. We will also help you with physically and emotionally preparing for your baby. We have limited financial support we can offer you, but we will work very hard to help you access additional resources in the community.

If you are considering adoption, we will fully explore this option with you in order to help you be absolutely sure about your decision. You can still consider parenting and change your mind at any time until the adoption papers are signed and placement has occurred. We will provide you with albums of prospective adoptive parents to review and help you to meet the family of your choice. Once you select a family, you will be supported during the process of getting acquainted with them and as you continue to develop your adoption plan. If you choose, we will work with you to develop a legal and enforceable Open Adoption Agreement which defines the amount of ongoing contact you will have with the adoptive family of your choice. In Oregon, you cannot sign adoption consents until after the baby is born. In many ways, the decision to entrust your baby for adoption is a whole new decision after your baby is born and we will support you as you again consider your options. If you are sure about the adoption plan, we will assist you in signing adoption consents and entrusting your baby with the adoptive parents you have selected. We will provide you with ongoing counseling and support for up to one year after your baby's birth and we are available to assist you in your open adoption relationship with the adoptive family and your child throughout your child's life.

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