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The Everlasting Love of a Birth Mother

When Kara became pregnant, her family and friends were shocked. She was the last person anyone would have thought would experience an unplanned pregnancy. Her male friends were "buddies" not lovers or boyfriends. She was the "good girl" who graduated from a conservative Baptist college and taught Bible classes to children. She did not drink, smoke or use drugs. Her parents were well-educated professionals. In addition, Kara was born with Cerebral Palsy, which caused partial paralysis on the entire right side of her body.

Kara continued to deal with many challenges throughout her pregnancy. During her sixth month she was in a serious car accident that totaled her car. As always her first concern was for her unborn child and she was relieved that he was uninjured. She also had to quit her physically demanding work as an aide in an Alzheimer's unit and move into the Catholic Charities Elizabeth House during her eighth month. In addition, the father of the baby informed her that he was involved with another woman. Then on April 2, 2001, while in the last stages of labor a decision was made to perform an emergency C-Section. In spite of everything, Kara expressed gratitude. She was pleased that the birth father remained at her side during the labor and delivery and she was happy that they had a beautiful healthy baby boy whom they named Armando.

When it came time for discharge, Kara and the father realized that they did not have the level of trust and respect they wanted with the prospective adoptive family they had selected. They decided to start over and met another family, Phil and Lisa. Kara took her birth son back to Elizabeth House while she and the father met frequently with Phil and Lisa over the next week. Phil and Lisa gained their trust quickly and on April 11th Kara and the father were ready to sign papers. Armando was renamed David Armando by his new parents. Kara looks back on the nine days that she cared for her infant son with deep satisfaction. She does not regret a minute of that time when she fed, sang and held her baby close to her heart. She will always love David Armando.